Shoreline Ambulance is Your One-Stop Shop For All Medical Transportation Needs

While our customers are the focus of the services we provide, Shoreline’s primary objective is to deliver cost effective, high-quality care and transportation. Shoreline currently provides the following services:

BASIC LIFE SUPPORT TRANSPORTATION (BLS): Shoreline employs only the most qualified EMTs to serve our patient base. Our Basic Life Support transports are done with two Certified Emergency Medical Technicians in one of our fully-stocked modular vehicles or vans. Shoreline’s fleet of vehicles is one of the most modern fleets in the industry. The majority of our vehicles are less than two years old. When Shoreline shows up, you can be assured that your loved ones are in the best hands, utilizing the latest equipment and best practices available in EMS.

CRITICAL CARE TRANSPORTATION (CCT): At Shoreline, we offer Critical Care Transports utilizing two EMTs and a Registered Nurse. Our nurses are all ACLS and PALS certified and cross trained on our Respiratory Vents. These specialty calls are run in large Modular Ambulances allowing optimal comfort and work space for our patients and our crew. This is just another way to ensure that our patients receive the best care available while entrusted to us.

911 SERVICES: Shoreline’s  proven track record of safe, professional, and economical service makes us the obvious choice for your City or County 911 emergency response needs.  Shoreline remains committed to providing quality patient care, using the latest CAD and ePCR technologies, and maintaining the highest degree of client satisfaction.

RESPIRATORY THERAPY TRANSPORTATION: For our vent dependent patients, we utilize a certified, licensed Respiratory Therapist with Critical-Care experience. These transports are done in full-sized Modular Ambulances, allowing our crew ample room to treat their patient without the over-crowding effect. The transport staff includes two EMTs and a respiratory therapist or vent-trained nurse.

NEONATAL TRANSPORTS: Shoreline provides neonatal transportation for infants needing basic to critical medical care. We consider this another part of our CCT Program. To ensure the safe transportation of our precious cargo, we have specially outfitted Modular Ambulances with a “Mack Lift” capable of lifting up to a 5 ton incubator into our vehicle. This allows our patient the benefit of transportation in their safest environment.

BARIATRIC TRANSPORTATION: Shoreline Ambulance has bariatric gurneys available that hold up to 750lbs. We utilize a specialized gurney with a large body surface (LBS) capable of comfortably holding a bariatric patient. Additionally, these gurneys have larger belts so comfort doesn’t come at the expense of safety. If necessary, we will use a 2nd crew, at no additional cost, to assist our transport crew to ensure the patient is moved in the safest, most comfortable way possible.