About Shoreline Ambulance

Shoreline Ambulance was founded with one principle: provide the best, most compliant, emergency, non-emergency, critical care, and neonatal medical transportation services in Orange County.

In June 2016, Shoreline Ambulance became a part of AmbuServe, Inc., a leading Gardena, CA-based ambulance service serving Los Angeles County since September 2000. Now under the umbrella of the family of companies operated by AmbuServe, the staff of Shoreline Ambulance continues its work to further support the company’s mission of providing exceptional care and superior service to the residents, and visitors of Orange County.

Together with AmbuServe, our executive and management teams have over 100 years of collective emergency ambulance response experience both in the field and operationally. Our EMTs, RTs, and RNs serve among the most experienced in the industry and go through a rigorous training program before ever making a single patient encounter.

We have the knowledge and experience necessary to provide the best of the services we offer and we never cease our efforts to improve service and seek innovative solutions to better our chosen field. It is an honor to prove the highest level of care to those we serve and we are grateful to be of service.

Thank you for your interest in Shoreline Ambulance!